Skutečná liga

My dearest friends,

I bring you a great news today. Andragona has been successfully registered to a band contest Skutečná liga.

Skutečná liga

Wish us luck.

Ondřej Šarman

Theocracy Ghost Ship Tour - Melodka

Next Thursday we have been honoured to participate on release tour of THEOCRACYs new album Ghost Ship. Their support on European Tour is Slovak band WITHIN SILENCE.
Come to see this show the 10th of November into the Brno club Melodka.

Andragona - Theocracy - Within Silence

Ondřej Šarman

MorsArt - Udpate

Dear friends,
today I bring you update about a little lineup change. The band Drunk With Pain will be replaced by another great Brno band PLATTARIS.

Ondřej Šarman


Dear friends, there was a conference yesterday and now it is clear we will play with the band AFTER EVOLUTION from Zlín. They are great symphonic-metalists so you may already look forward to see them.
The whole evening will be ended by the band DRUNK WITH PAIN. If you don't know them yet, now you will.

Concert takes place the 21st of October in Brno club MorsArt. Yesterday we checked it and looks fantastic.

andragona-MorsMordre Blast

Pre-Christmas event with Harlej

Last concert of this year with Harlej and Alkehol together on one stage!


Andragona unplugged again

After a lapse of time we will play intimately and with candles again, this time in Prague. So on Wednesday at SLUŠNEJ KANÁL restaurant! Looking for you!


IX. Rocková noc v Olbramovicích

This Saturday? Olbramovice! The only choice for all heavy metal fools! Two stages, many excelent bands and fantastic ease at one of the last open-air festival this summer :-) You must be there!


FB event

5th anniversary of Southerner Rebels Moravia club

Today you can see us extraordinarily in show at 5th anniversary of Southerner Rebels Moravia motorcycle club in Hoštice-Heroltice.


Last weekend of June on stage!

On Friday 06/26 we'll be back in Melodka on final event of tour of our well-known REMAINS OF FORCE. Also with two great bands from Brno SINNEMIA and UNHOLY ONES.

FB event

On Sunday 06/27 we will get the ending of two-day's fest in Vyškov brewery. Our set starts on 23:50 and there's very strong line-up before us, like KRUCIPÜSK, holding FALL A PREY or DARK GAMBALE, so save your forces for our speed finish! ☺

FB event



With INFINITY in m13

After long time we will return to the m13 club, where our very first gig hapenned. With great bands INFINITY, our friends from IMORTELA and hard-rockers ELBERETH it will be lovely session! See you last May Saturday!



We invite you for our unique acoustic set next Wednesday 01/28 to Mersey club in Brno, where special Acoustic Dark Session will take place! With two another great bands of Brno Clawed Forehead and Stoker. Don't miss it 'cause you will hear a special chamber performance of metal!



Our friends, we have an important news for you. It happen to change on drummer post, thereby our founder member Pavel Koníček leaves us. In very short time we managed to find a great substitute. It is unbelieveable!
We officialy announced the new drummer is Vašek Nováček drafted from Mawataki.
You can see him on debut next Friday 16 in Jihlava, club Ježek!!


Happy New Year!

A very special thanks to all our fans for their great support in last year and we are looking forward to meet you in concert season 2015!

Last event of the year!

Next Saturday you can see us on the last show of this year. In Vyškov, B-29 club, with Fall A Pray and Tezaura!

FB event

Andragona in two concerts next weekend again!

The first on Friday in MC Fabrika club, České Budějovice, at Dark Fest vol. IV! We are looking forward to you and thanks to Dark Angels for inviting! :-)

Dark Fest IV

And the next day you can see us in Chropyně on the launch of debut CD of Spirit(s) Days from Kroměříž!

FB event

St. Nicholas metal presents with Andragona

This friday 12/05 there will be perfect metal presents in Hodonín with Tezaura and Second End! For those who were naughty for all year there will be prepared a coal and will be taken to the hell! We mean it!



We are proud to introduce you our website of czech power-speed metal band Andragona. We hope you will like it! Some links doesn't work yet, but it will be available soon.